Take any community and with a bit of research it would be evident that more than 90% of the people from that community turn to the internet when they want to learn more about a local business. This is one of the many reasons why ‘near me’ based keywords rank higher in keyword research tools. Hence, if a local business does not have local search-engine-optimized content on its social media platforms, official websites and e-stores then the enterprise will be losing a large chunk of its intended local target audience segments to rivals.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an umbrella term for all the digital marketing strategies used to make a business rank high in the local SERPs of leading Search Engines. These digital marketing strategies spring into action when search queries about products or services are made by people residing around the headquarters of the business.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

The benefits of local SEO are many and some of the most compelling ones are mentioned below.

Local SEO strategies improve the online visibility of a brand on local SERPs

A spokesperson for an agency specializing in local SEO Perth services points out that more than 70% of people prefer to click on any one of the top five results that pop up on the first SERP of a Search Engine after a search query is made by the user.

If a local business fails to appear in these top five spaces of the first SERP of revered Search Engines then the brand would fail to even establish its existence to its intended local target audience segments. In case the reader of this post is also the owner of a local business that is struggling to carve a space for itself in the first SERP of revered Search Engines then adopting local SEO strategies can change it all!

Local SEO allows a brand to build trust with its local target audience segments 

Customers tend to come back to brands that have been successful in building trust with the former. At the same time, customers would choose to buy products or subscribe to the services offered by a new local business that has successfully established itself as a trustworthy entity.

How does local SEO fit into this context?

Well, when a local business adopts local SEO strategies, it would rank in the local Search Engine Results Pages of revered Search Engines like Google. And tech companies like Google would only show details about a business when the enterprise has been vetted by Google or any other leading tech company.

When new and prospective customers witness that details about a local business are showing up in Google maps, Google search results and Google My Business results then the prospective clients would readily buy products or subscribe to the services offered by the local business without thinking twice!

Leveraging local SEO strategies can help entrepreneurs reduce their online ad costs

Business owners who adopt local SEO strategies would witness that their venture is generating relevant traffic organically. It means that one would not need to rely on online advertisements such as PPC or social media ads to generate traffic for their e-stores and websites. In simple words, one will be able to decrease their online ad expenses by many folds when they implement local SEO strategies for their local business.

Local SEO increases sales

Local SEO experts in Perth associated with a revered SEO agency also point out that adopting local SEO strategies allows a local business to increase its sales by many folds.


Well, it has already been established that local SEO boosts relevant traffic which trickled down to a boost in sales. Local SEO strategies prepared local customers to buy products or subscribe to the services offered by local businesses. This increase in local customers leads to an increase in the authority enjoyed by a local business. An increase in authority in a local market segment means that new customers will prefer the brand in question over other local businesses that are yet to adopt local SEO strategies.


Local SEO allows local businesses to stand out from their rivals by making the most out of increased Search Engine visibility and enhanced trust with their current as well as prospective clients. It is high time that local business owners stop spending their resources on unrealistic online marketing strategies and adopt local SEO as the latter leads to increased leads and conversions. For more details, the reader should feel free to connect with the local SEO expert of a revered local SEO service provider in their vicinity today!